Resonance of Meditation

Slow down your hectic life, enhance focus and concentration, and heighten your awareness of emotions – Let classical music guide you through a journey of self-awareness!

Resonance of Meditation I

11th May 2024
Entry at 14:45 / End by 17:30

St Cecilia Church 
Dorpstraat 18, 5504 HH Veldhoven

Resonance of Meditation II

15th June 2024
Entry at 14:45 / End by 17:30

St Cecilia Church 
Dorpstraat 18, 5504 HH Veldhoven

Resonance of Meditation

Classical Music X Meditation

Currently, the world is filled with constant distractions. Especially, the digital generation has brought a constant stream of information, making it challenging to disconnect and relax. Chamber X Chamber believes that music and meditation converge to create a truly enchanting and healing experience. In addition, meditation helps modern individuals cultivate focus and improve their ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand. The meditation concert “Resonance of Meditation” is then produced, in collaboration with Saksena Consultant to create a space of serenity to serenade the soul. Throughout the concert, there will be guided meditation sessions, harmonizing with the emotions and tensions of classical music pieces in between. As the soothing notes fill the air, you will be gently led by our expert meditation facilitators, who will seamlessly weave meditation practices into the fabric of the concert, allowing you to embrace the present moment and let go of all distractions.

Heal, Learn, and Be Freed

Section I – Introduction

Instructed by the meditation facilitators, the audience can write a short journal of one’s feelings and be spiritually prepared before the meditating journey.

*Writing journals is optional /

Section II – Music & Meditation

Raising the awareness of emotional elements and unraveling the pictures, not only awareness of basic elements, but also awareness of emotions. With the guidance of the meditation facilitators, the audience can not only focus on the basic elements and emotions of the pieces, but also relax and raise the awareness toward their own emotions.

Section III – Retrospective

With the retrospective session led by meditation facilitators, the audience can reflect on the meditative journey back to the journal, summarise the event, and share some feedback.

*Writing journals is optional

Chamber X Chamber

Chamber X Chamber is an international culture-making ensemble consisting of both professional and amateur musicians based in Amsterdam. Our vision is to make classical music more accessible through culture sharing and empower more fresh graduated music talents to develop in Europe. We are dedicated to connecting professional musicians to various art activities such as contemporary music performances, crossover performances, and classical music performances to develop their career and artistic achievement in the Netherlands and Europe.

Our Partner – Saksena consultant

Saksena Consultancy offers personalized services for individuals and businesses aiming for financial and personal excellence. Their approach involves a comprehensive three-phase process called LiCaAc: Lights, Camera, Action. Based in the Netherlands, they prioritize face-to-face consultations.

For individuals, the consultancy provides tailored guidance over 12 to 18 months to achieve personal excellence through a blend of knowledge and practical wisdom.
For businesses, particularly entrepreneurs, Saksena Consultancy offers support to optimize profitability and excel in their industries through a mix of expertise and real-life examples.

Saksena Consultancy emphasizes the importance of investing in financial, mental, and physical resources to achieve tangible returns and unlock doors to both personal and business success.