Not All Who Wander Are Lost

A theatrical concert with contemporary & tango music in the story of expats.

Diaspora, Tango, and Freedom is a three-scene theatrical concert presented by Chamber X Chamber
that highlights the story via chamber music and light art. DIASPORA revolves around the idea of uprooting and departing from
comfort and certainty and digs deeper into the physical and mental journey of being far away from home.
Eventually, these lonely souls found themselves growing on the diaspora journey and learned to become freed spirits.

“Diaspora – Not All Who Wander Are Lost” encapsulates this emotional journey
– for us, and for all of you who took on this journey abroad, bravely and solitarily. 

Chamber Music & Expat Story

DIASPORA is an innovative theatrical concert produced by Chamber X Chamber that involves artists in various professions collaborating together to tell the sentimental story of expats traveling away from home. The concert production combined chamber music, contemporary music composition, theatre, lighting, photography, dance, and audience experience altogether to create an immersive and interactive concert experience for audiences.

The first part of this concert consists of a three-scene artistic performance that invites all of our audience to dive into the wandering feeling, loneliness, and missing of belongingness that can be delivered and expressed in different forms of art. (±45mins)
The second part of this concert completes with an audience-sharing discussion that welcomes our audiences to share their emotional feeling and enjoyment of their expat stories. (±30mins)

06 May // Theaterhuis de Berenkuil
17 June // De Hallen Studio
04 November // CREA

Diaspora Scene I

Depart from Home – Home & On an Airplane

“On the airplane leaving home, I’m neither where I was nor where I desire to be. It’s the moment when I can truly reflect and contemplate with utter serenity. The excitement, the anxiety, the fear of the unknown, and the melancholy of leaving home – all emotions come to mind, all at once, intertwined.”

The decision of leaving is never easy. It even makes one reconsider its choice when departing from the environment where one grew up, leaving one’s family, friends, and loved ones behind, and abandoning the old self. This complex and sentimental feeling is presented via the continuous ascending and descending overtone applied on the cello and violin to create a feeling of diaspora.

Diaspora Scene II

Tango around sense of belonging – In a Bar

“Even when I’m having a seemingly good time with new friends, a façade I put up is still there and is difficult to be torn off. I’m not sure whether I truly feel belonged.”

Arriving at a new place without knowing anyone and anything much about the environment, people must start a new life solitarily. People often try hard to fit in and look for a sense of belonging by going to social occasions. Indulging in a new crowd, with solitude at heart, people struggle to build a new life. The specific harmony and rhythm in scene II create an atmosphere that makes the audience resonate with the complicated melancholia in the bar.

Diaspora Scene III

Reborn as a Freed Spirit – Void & Home

“I return to my home, expecting to resume where I once belong, but only to realize that I’ve transformed and parted my path from the place which I once called home. I’m happy to finally learn to live in solitude which feels spiritually liberated, but I’m also all alone. I must get on my way yet again”

When solitude has become constant company, ‘belonged or not’ may not seem as important. The journey people have embarked on has transformed them, made them learn to live in solitude, and allowed them to be reborn as freed spirits. Finally, people realize that – once started, the journey of a wanderer will only continue – a journey that never stops. In scene III, the technique of Guzheng, an oriental instrument, is applied to the Western violin and cello to create an oriental sound effect of a formless void.


Ling-Hsuan Huang
Sheng-Chiun Lin
Maxim Liu
Pianist / Violinist
Crystal Lai
Pianist / Flautist
Domingo Chang
Visual Artist
Chun-Yao Lin
Visual Artist
Lo Yuen Ming

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