Diaspora, Tango with Sense of Belonging

Dear old friends,

Thank you for joining us on our expat journey of the performance, ‘Diaspora, Not All Who Wander Are Lost‘ a few months ago!

There were moments of tears, resonance, and connection. Now, with your continued company and feedback, we have further developed the story and performance on our artistic journey. We invite you to continue this journey with us and join the evolved concert, ‘Diaspora, Tango with Sense of Belonging’.

Join us again to experience the evolved “Diaspora, Tango with Sense of Belonging” Concert!
We look forward to meeting you again!

04 November, 2023
Enter at 15:00

An innovative theatrical concert produced by Chamber X Chamber that involves artists in various professions collaborating together to tell the sentimental story of expats traveling away from home. The concert production combined chamber musiccontemporary music compositiontheatrelightingphotographydance, and audience experience altogether to create an immersive and interactive concert experience.

The theatrical performance invites the audience to dive into the wandering feeling, loneliness, and missing of belongingness that can be delivered and expressed in different forms of art. A creative talk is then followed by the performance, in which the artists will share their creative process and their own expats’ stories with the audience.