Cello From West to East

Walking Beyond Bach

Reinventing cello solo classics with Oriental elements, Cello from West to East is a crossover performance with cello solo, contemporary dance, and walking art.

16 December, 2023
Mediamatic Entrance
Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam




Through the Eastern gaze of cellist Sheng-Chiun Lin toward J. S. Bach, the performance leads the audience on an artistic journey, transitioning from a walking art experience to a cello solo accompanied by contemporary dance.

The music played by the cellist includes movements from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1, Britten’s Cello Suite No. 1, as well as two contemporary works reimagining the cello solo classics by two Taiwanese female composers, Ling-Hsuan Huang and Katherine Ching-Fang Teng. The performance will be accompanied by contemporary dance by JaeEun Jung and Reza Mirabi.

The performance is preceded by an act of walking art designed and led by scenic designer Chun-Yao Lin with the support of publication and visual design by Lo Yuen Ming.

Photo credit: Geertje van Odijk

Photo credit: C.C. Shen

The act of walking art will guide the audience through a series of interactions with the environment of Mediamatic to bridge the connection between the east and the west, the music and the movement – across centuries of arts development.

Immerse yourself in a unique art experience, walking through all-time cello classics from the 18th century, the 20th century, to contemporary works from an eastern gaze.



Sheng-Chiun Lin

Ling-Hsuan Huang

Katherine Ching-Fang Teng

Reza Mirabi

Jae Eun Jung

Chun-Yao Lin
Scenic Designer

Lo Yuen Ming

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